Bonaire above the sea
Small lizard in front of our appartments
"Buddy Dive Resort" front office with Sandra (?) and Lourdes inside (not visible)
View from the bar to the pier of "Buddy´s dive resort"
License plate on a pickup truck
Sign at the "Karpata" dive site with our pickup truck in the background
Main road in Kralendijk
Colourful hotel in the center of Kralendijk
Caribbean dresses outside a shop in Kralendijk
Cafe/Bar in the city of Kralendijk
Outside a shop close to the Cultimara supermarket
T-shirt sale
Cactus are everywhere on Bonaire, this is at Karpata dive site
Tree at the narrow road to Karpata (north of Kralendijk)
Watch out for the pedestrians (divers)
Scenery at the road to Karpata
A first check of the steep stairs down at "1000 Steps" dive site besides the Radio Netherlands antenna station
Tree at a nature walk
Scenery with cactus
Flamingoes at Gotomeer reserve
Curious donkey not sure about if he likes the offered cookies or not
Cloud scenery with tourists wandering about
Willemstoren lighthouse and sign for the dive site
White crane aside the road around the south part of Bonaire
Salt pier, also a a dive spot - of course
Salt mountains. The salt gathered at the crystalizer ponds waits here for transport to foreign regions
Sunset at the oceanfront bar at Buddy´s dive resort
The "Pink Mama" or divebus offering drinks and some shadow at different divespots every day (south of Kralendijk)
Windbend tree "Divi-Divi" on the south island
Conch hills at the Lac Bai (not for souvenir)
Lizard watching me closely for another banana
Desert area and volcanic rock formations inside Washington Slaagbai national park, north island
Scenery inside the national park.
At the "Blow Hole", Washington Slaagbai national park
Happy lizard with some fresh banana
Resting animals at a bird watching area inside the national park
View out into the blue at a destroyed lighthouse at the northmost point of Bonaire (Malniak Lighthouse)
Palican somwhere around Boca Catuna, north island
Another curious donkey with many pink dots in the background
The probably most effective and cheap fence I´ve seen is the subject of this club
Alternative to Cultimara supermarket in Rincon, some stuff is cheaper sometimes. Good on the way back from a dive in the north
Donkeys crossing, as funny as it seems, it´s good to watch out for them
KLM flight 753 back to Europe