California - My short visit - March/April 2000

Being lucky my boss send me in march 2000 to our company site in Silicon Valley. I used that trip and extended it for another 1 1/2 weeks to visit Califonia. I´ve been 3 weeks in San Francisco before, but didn´t have the chance to see the rest of the country so far. I wasn´t prepared for such a extreme variety in landscape. California is simply beautiful !

So Air France brought me in a total journey time of 20+ hours from Munich to San Francisco where I headed with the company rental car to Santa Clara where I worked for a week at Siemens campus. After that, on Friday, I headed to San Jose Airport, got me a new car and drove to Davis, just shortly west of Sacramento to visit my cousin Angela. And here the picture series start and I´m enviting you to view some of the pictures I´ve taken there. I hope it´s not too boring ;-) and gives you an impression of how the country looks like ! Enjoy !

And here we are: California
Just follow the line clockwise along the path I drove throughout California.
You can click the map to reach the sections about which I´ve written a bit more or use the links in the left frame.