Cuba - December 1999 / January 2000 / February 2002

After having a hard time deciding and weeding out the bad options, me and my friend Wolfgang - further called mi amigo - decided to visit Cuba. First for the warm climatic conditions and second for the beautiful women - no, sorry, for the reasonably priced flight that we´d gotten through a tourist office in Frankfurt. Flight and a car-and-hotel package of the cuban Horizontes Hotel chain were the things we´d booked from Germany.
And here we are: CUBA
Click for information about Ciudad HabanaClick here for Pinar del Rio and Viņales
We started off Ciego de Avila an airport comparable to Lauf-Lillinghof, except that the latter doesn´t have an international airport code yet. Same size though. The other is called AVI. Following the green line we headed to Havanna, then following the pink dotted line to Pinar del Rio, back to Havanna, to Varadero and after that down to Trinidad.
I now in 2002 added the eastern parts to the map above, marked as a violet-dashed line.
This trip was even better then the first, for we met more people, talked more and in general had a lot of fun. I took about the same amount of fotos which have been added to secions on the left. This time, destinations were Varadero, Trinidad, Camagüey, Santiago and Baracoa.
Mostly did we stay in Horizontes () Hotels, payed with US-Dollars and not with Peso.
The flight this time came from LTU via

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