Trinidad was on our way back towards Ciego de Avila and therefore we decided to visit that supposedly beautiful little city and relax some more meanwhile. The limited offer of hotels made a decision easy and we headed to the Hotel Costa Sur which is really nice although the all-inclusive add-on was more pricey here than in Varadero. The hotel is located several kilometers south of Trinidad on the Península de Ancón. The beach is small there but nice and not so crowded as in Varadero and offers more interesting marine life to watch, even without the expensive diving equipment. Oh, I´d like to mention that the prices of diving are todo loco, crazy, in Cuba and more expensive as in Sipadan. Well, maby they will offer cheaper diving once, but I didn´t think spending 35US$ per dive without equipment rental is a good idea.

The city is really nice and cute, but you are hunted down by the locals like deer somewhere else. Everyone tries to sell stuff or rent a flat. We walked a bit outside of the city and were on our own pretty soon since none of the other tourist seemed to like to do the tiring hike to the top of the Cerro de la Vigía. Nice view despite the hot weather and very interresting flora.

Many tourists walk through the small calles and buy souvenirs. Trying to relax a bit, we returned back at our hotel late afternoon. Here I´d like to mention again the advantages of having a car. We´ve seen lots of people doing the ride from Costa Sur or even Hotel Ancón with a bicycle, but you loose a lot of time thereby and sweat a lot.

The evenings at the hotel were very enjoyable. They offered a buffet style dinner and a cocktail bar afterwards with a very nice barkeeper mixing us lots of our favourite Mojito. Later we played pool and smoked cigars - what a life. The last four days just weren´t long enough. I guess I´m a really lazy bone.

Oh, the first part of the pictures to your left are from Trinidad itself whereas the second half are from the hotel. See the hummingbird in the picture. Alas I didn´t have more than 135mm lens with me.