A flight with Silk Air first brought us (George from Vincent´s,
another diver and me) to Balikpapan and from there to Berau.
The local flight was very interresting and due to the low altitude,
one could sea the magnificent landscape of the Borneo island.
I once read the book from Hans Harrer about Borneo and think
it´s one of the last adventures to explore the inner parts.
The Punan people still live quite undisturbed although the
cutting down of trees is a problem.
We didn´t have any problems despite the riots between
Dajak and Madurese people going on. It´s such a pity these
folks can´t live in peace since they have such a beautiful island.
But one can´t survive just from a countries beauty...
How to get to Derawan: Singapore - Balikpapan - Berau - Derawan
It doesn´t seem that far, but it takes around ten hours to get there, mainly
because of the time waiting between transportation. Close to the famous
Sipadan-island, one could expect the best in underwater views.
But don´t just concentrate on diving, the islands and Indonesia have
more things to offer, and best of all, it´s pretty affordable at the moment.
Once you change a hundred Sing-Dollars, you´r almost a millionaire ;-)

Derawan itself is teardrop shaped and not bigger than a few hundred
meters in diameter. The locals (yes, the have local inhabitants there)
are friendly and very curious about the pale skinned tall ang-moh´s
visiting their island.
Derawan and itīs dive sites. The resort is where the jetty is marked

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