Egypt Diving

View from our room at Akassia's pool area
Reception hall of Akassia Swiss resort
Diving lesson at the pool
One of the dive boats of Subaqua dive center
Snorkeling sometimes is better than diving...
Lots of fish, good visibility and enough air in the tank.
A couple of angelfish
Group of not overly shy batfish close to the jetty of Subaqua dive resort
Sunlight shining on a jellyfish
Patrick concentrated on finding small stuff
Diver hovering in mid water
Eggs of the spanish dancer
Crocodile fish
Triple Batfish
Soldierfish under coral
Same soldierfish more closely
Anemone .. ah .. Nemofish
Another anemone fish hiding from the pestering photographer
Cushion seastar
Another type of snail
Oh heck I don´t know the names...
Lionfish in all it´s beauty
That one tried to attach to about everyone of us, we didn´t have the right surface...
Puferfish, front view
Very small snails, I wish I had the 1:1 macro lens
Someone's sea needle, forgot the name.
Crocodile fish, front view
Frying pan - blue spotted ray
Crocodile fish - side view
Frying pan detail view
Nemofish take one
Nemofish take two
Nemofish take three
Small colourful - and therefore easy to find - snail
Scorpionfish, we counted many
Get lost, buster !
Pufferfish hanging 'round
What was that ?
Very beautiful snail
Giant clam
Another of those...
Small snail again
Pufferfish at 'Pit Stop'
Batfish side view
Eh small fishy, come here !
Yellow angelfish
Lionfish approaching on runway 1C
Resting part two
Look ! A diver !
Black lionfish
Yet another scorpionfish
At last no more fish. Coral detail
Underwater beauty
Women's hair
Green yellowish coral
Mixed light with lionfish
Fish soup
Shadow and light
Mixed light part two
Mixed light part three
Puffer fish
Orange fishsoup
Hiding from diver