Welcome to Equator village ! Main lobby
The great feeling being on an island
Road to Deamon Point. You can take a bicycle to do the 13km (one way) ride
Wreck halfway to Deamon Point
Wreck 2. Beautiful color of the water
Poolbar at night. Looks so good, but closes at 6pm
Weather today at dive base: Hot and humid
Daily schedule of the diving center
Off we go. Boat UFAA.2 on its way to unspoilt divesites
Looks like underwater welding. I like people using slave strobes
Two divers. Silouettes against the surface
Landscape with corals and divers in the background
Hanging free, waiting in midwater
Underwater ballet ?
Porcupine fish
Take a seat ! (aka "The Couch")
Kiss kiss
"What are you looking at ?"
Scorpionfish on a plate
Resting on a coral
Coral hand / foot / toe
Five star !
Coral closeup
Christmastree worms on a coral
School of ... fish
Manta !
Fish portrait
Ohmygoditsan octopus
Black and white "more scary" octopus
Special kind of anemone with fish
The wall (Kuda Hoolha or around, not sure anymore)
Coral structure
Closeup of coral
Coral fingers
Two christmastree worms between coral fingers
Three seems one too much
"Look who's here"
"I'm blind ! Where are the sharkswhen you need them ?"
"I have bad eyesight, but I think I'm safe..."
"Wassup man ?"
Soft coral
"I'm a Feather-Star"
"My house is the most beautiful around"
Out of space
Blue eyes, baby's got blue eyes
Out of space
On its way to best plancton fishing site
Pat and Pattachon
Bunch of flowers
Crab attack
Ooh, mira una langosta