Diving Maldives - Gan 2005
A last minute decision where to spend the rest of my ´04 vacation - combined with lots of diving of course -, led me to a location close to the equator: Gan.
It is the southernmost island of the maldives, just below the equator, located within the Addu-Atoll.
Good decision I'd say as it exists only one divebase there and no tour boats come that far south, so you have all the divesites for yourself. Also, it's nice to be able to visit the locals villages any time you want to - organized visit tours really aren't my type of thing.
All inclusive package, friendly staff and excellent diving made this a very good vacation.

Former british military (RAF) base Gan has been converted to a hotel with divebase. RAF-base was closed in ´76.
Look at this !
Diving in the 70´s

All organization was beautifully done by Luna Sport.

This map shows the Addu Atoll with divesites and some tracks from the boat. I used a Garmin etrex to get GPS coordinates and plot them into a nautical map (other than the one below).

Click on the images on the left to see some impressions.