North - or was it south ? - entrance of the "Pinakothek der Moderne" in Munich
Outside the building
First view
The circular entrance hall
View from entrance hall into the design department
Car detail at the design section
Design of the 20th century laid out very nicely
Staircaise at one of the rotating design display shelves
One of the rotating shelves displaying design objects
Two chairs
"Fluko" (Fluorescence Collector) Object
Large format pictures of Patty Smith
Hallway around the photography section
Into the light
Ceiling window of the circular entrance hall
Entrance hall
Visitors and the "prototype of a flying object" from Colani
Very nice architecture: Staircase to heaven
Crowds flooding the museum
Part of the Siemens art program
My next summer car: Lamborghini Diablo
No title
"Take a seat"
"Bended lines"
A shot of one of the probably more costly exhibits: Salvador Dalí, something about his Mother.
Hurry on the staircase
Exit North, at the Cafe
Rest, walk and Fluko
Curves with a particular blue line.