Pinakothek der Moderne - München - Januar 2004

As Siemens employees can now visit the exibition at the "Pinakothek der Moderne" for free, I visitied this fairly new building in Munich in January.

Normally I dislike paying 9 Euros for stuff like this, but if it´s for free, what can go wrong ?

My impression was that it wouldn´t be worth paying for the entrance fee, as the "art" and especially the photography exebition featured by the Siemens art program doesn´t meet my expectations of good photography. But then, artistic photography doesn´t have to please the eye after all.

So I concentrated on the building and some views within.
Strangely, I felt like someone has copied the idea and exhibits from the "Neues Museum" in Nuremberg. Many ideas and the way the building looks and feels are somewhat similar to that of the Nuremberg counterpart.

Enough talks, e-njoy the pictures !