WIF Image Format

The Wavelet Image Format is a great thing for compressing images 
Other than JPG which looks at squares of a limited number of pixels, 
WIF looks at the whole picture. Needless to say that compression and 
decompression take way longer than with JPG. But a compression up to 
100:1 and more is a good point to wait a little longer.
I compress all my photography work with WIF and aditionally create
a contact sheet (in JPG format) to get an overview over the pictures
burned to a CD-ROM.

Unfortunately there´s not yet a standard of wavelet comressed images available. 
So I started trying out the ´Compression Engine´ from www.cengines.com 
They offer a free compression / decompression tool which is nice to try out
the features.
Anyone recommending a better tool please do not hesitate and give me a hint...
...or any other information about wavelet compression techniques.
I´m not really interrested in the mathematical details of it rather than in
the practical usage of a tool implementing such routines.

They also offer a free web browser plugin to view *.WIF files from within 
the browser. On the down side it doesn´t keep the aspect ration of the
original image.