Minolta X700 in pictures - disassembled

Ever wondered how Minoltas X700 looks from inside ? I did too and also was afraid to take it apart. But I got me a defective one and took the scans below so you can see the details normally you can't.

Scan from manual shows location of all switches in X-700 model.

Click on small image to see big version.
This show the parts of the viewfinder and the removement of the bottom cover.

This shows the dials that have to be removed before removing the top cover.

Takeing off the top cover with three screws. One small button falls out. The wires to piezo buzzer and flash socket.
Major repairs in upper electronic section require it almost to remove the wires as they will otherwise come off easily.

The back door ist easily removed. Just push the small lever a little bit aside and the door comes off.

Before removing the circular plastic ring, you have to remove the parts and screws in this and the next picture.

This plastic ring is fixed with two tiny screws. After removal the button for lens release and DOF preview falls off.

This variable resistor ring is definitively broken. It transmits the aperture set to the meter and also the setting of the "P" lever for MD lenses.
Check this part and/or wires if meter is constantly showing over-/underrange in viewfinder

The metal baseplate with tripod connection and battery compartment.        
Main flexible PCB top view with colored wires as seen in original assembly.

Main PCB bottom view. See the black/leftmost capacitor which also fails frequently.

Main PCB unfolded.
Main PCB unfolded parts side with four ICs.
Chassis part with wires from base plate and winding mechanism.
Back view.
Chassis view from bottom with PCB holding capacitor (fails frequently) and winding gears. Chassis front view with wires from bottom to top.
Shutter block view from film side.
Shutter block from lens side. Wires to central PCB.

Mirror box from front.
Mirror box from rear.
Mirror box top view / pentaprism.
Mirrorbox bottom view with release magnet.




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