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Tech Stuff
Hercules muse Pocket mod Mod of the external USB soundcard "Hercules muse pocket USB"
X-700 My favourite camera and some information about it
Minolta Dimage Dual A must if you want to work with slides/negatives at the computer
Picture Galleries
Nuremberg "Art" Brand new installation in the city of Nuremberg rises controversal discussions among the citizens
Diving Maldives - GAN Diving into the underwater wonderland ov the southernmost Maldivean island: GAN

Egypt Diving (4) One week diving at Safaga June 2005 - just pictures
Egypt Diving (3) One relaxing week of shore based diving in Egypt
Diving Egypt (2) South tour with Kurt
EGYPT (1) offline Report and Images from the trip to the country at the Red Sea
(Underwater only!)
Puerto Rico Two and a half weeks of tropical island sunshie and beautiful landscapes
Bamberg Short trip with colleagues to Bamberg
Grado/Italy A short trip to Grado/Italy
Art in Munich Visit to the "Pinakothek der Moderne" in Munich
Lisbon Short city trip to the capital of Portugal
Bonaire On a diving tour along the coast of Bonaire
CUBA Report and Images from the trip to Fidel´s country
Landshuter Hochzeit Every four years this biggest historical event in Europe takes place in the city of Landshut. Pictures from this event.
Blaue Nacht Nürnberg Pictures from the cultural evening in Nürnberg on the 19th of May.
England/Ireland Ttrip with my cousin to destinations in England and Ireland.
All above water, no diving here !
Thailand/Burma Diving trip to Thailand and Burma (Myanmar)
Mostly diving pictures, some above water, too.
California Report and Images from the short visit in USA
Derawan (Borneo) Pictures from under the sea
Gallery about diving I´m an avid photographer, so here´s some more...
Sturmflut Volleyball New stuff from new volleyball tournament and club
Volleyball Pictures from tournaments
TSV-Großhadern This is where I played volleyball before...
The Author Here I have some information about the author of these pages
LINKS about diving Here are some, not too new though
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